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Step 4: Firewall

If you are using a firewall on your computer it may be, that this firewall "intercepts" your user data.
The characteristics for this behaviour are: no error message displayed and
empty input boxes for username and password after clicking the login button.

In this case please deactivate your fireall software for testing and try again to login.
If it works then, you should customise the configuration of your firewall software.

Tipp: If you use WindowsXP, be aware of the integrated firewall software, which is activated by default.
Proceed as follows to deactivate the WindowsXP firewall:

  • Click the button "Start"
  • Choose the item "Control Panel"
  • Here you choose "Network Connections"
  • Right-Click the network connention, which you are using for internet connections
    and chosse "Properties"
  • Here you will find the tab "Advanced" and the paragraph
    "Internet connection firewall"
    Uncheck this option and close this window by clicking "OK".
  • Close all windows, reconnect to the internet and login to CustomerCenter.

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