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Step 1: Userdata & securitycode

Please check the spelling of your given username and password:
  • Passwords are case sensitive, so please mind upper and lower case chars!
  • Keep in mind, that password changes will take up to 12 hours until full activation.
  • Consider password rules when changing your password:
    • Minimum length:    6 chars
    • Maximum length: 12 chars

    If your chosen new password does not meet these criteria, you will not be able to login.
    In this case change your password one more time to something meeting the password criteria given above or contact our Support Team!!!

You can copy your password from your welcome message (select, hotkeying Strg + C)
and paste the password to the password field by hotkeying Strg + V.
In this way you can easily avoid typos and misinterpretations.

If the error occurs "please specify correct securitycode"
please enter the newly generated securitycode into the input field left from the code.

  • Within the securitycode the following chars are used: digits from 0 to 9 and capital letters A to F.
    The char "0" is the digit "zero"
  • If the securitycode is not displayed correctly, please refresh your browser display.

Hint: New Securitycode is an additional security procedure preventing password fraud and automated login
which serves the security of your personal and user data.

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