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      Here you can request a new password, if e.g. you have forgotten your current password.
  • Enter ONE of the following information for your account in the form shown above:
    • Your user name
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  • Please enter the character string into the input box "Securitycode",
    which is diplayed directly to the right of the input box.
    The securitycode can only consist of the letters A to F and digits 0 to 9.
    This securitycode helps preventing you from fraudulent password requests and automated login attempts.

  • Confirm your data by clicking the button "Request new password"

  • You will recieve a message to your email addresse mentioned in CustomerCenter,
    which contains your confirmation code.
    For security reasons you have to confirm your password request.
    Simply follow the instructions in the email message.

  • After confirmation of your request your new password will be issued and activated.
    You will receive your new password information by email.

    Important security issue

Your confirmation code will be sent exclusively to your email address,
which is mentioned CustomerCenter.

Therefore always care for the correct email address in CustomerCenter,
item General | Change Customer Info.

If your email address mentioned in CustomerCenter is not accessable or does not exist any more,
plese send us the form for updating an email address
by email or postal mail including the following documents:

  • copy of your photo id, e.g. passport, personal ID, driving license
  • copy of your last invoice from MandoraWeb or payment receipt

Postal address:
M├╝hltalstrasse 38
DE-94032 Passau

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